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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    It is a fair question to ask…“What’s the chamber done for me and the business community?"
    Here is a quick ist of a fraction of our efforts to support our great business community and our valued members.

    1. Just in the month of December, I have spoken to several groups locally on the devastating lockdown and its huge looming consequences.
    2. I was interviewed by the Associated Press - read nationally- on why we must reopen small businesses and end the discriminatory practice against salons, restaurants, houses of worship and many personal services businesses while strip clubs and giant chain retailers are realizing huge profits.
    3. The Lodi Chamber signed on to a letter to state leaders, including the Governor, State Assembly and Senate with eighty other chambers of commerce to stop the lockdown on the small businesses.
    4. Similar comments have appeared in stories published by the Lodi News Sentinel and The Recordwith more local information.
    5. For months in the Lodi Chamber’s Weekly Connections, I’ve been very vocal on the sinister oppression put on small businesses conditions that are baseless and void of any “data” that the Governor said would guide his decisions.
    6. Instead of locking business down, our voice has asked why are we not fighting this pandemic more stategicly based on the undisputeable facts that 70% of COVID deaths, according to the CDC, are in people over 60 years of age.  Why is there not a mandate that every doctor in the state be put under an order to meet with each of their patients over 60 years of age to hear form their doctor where and why they are vulnerable to COVID.  And prescribe behaviors to keep them safe.  We’ve asked, are their Health Department employees in Nursing Homes Weekly?  Focusing on the most susceptable groups to the virus. Instead of out threatening restaurants with fines?
    7.  The Chamber has compiled a list of resources for businesses on the home page under the "COVID-19." There, you’ll find fifty major links that take you to hundreds of others which provide a complete compendium of guidelines, solutions, printable signs, and all kinds of aids and resources for any type of business.
    8. In 2020, 85% of our membership have found value in what the Chamber is doing for them and all Lodi businesses in this unpresidented ordeal of 2020, by renewing their membership.  Keeps us strong so we can help Business to Come Back Strong in 2021.
    9. In 2021, we will be offering Virtual training on Digital Marketing 101, as well as also a series of webinars and podcasts with HR professionals, Legal Service providers and others to help businesses navigate these White-Water Times… each of these will be available at no charge but designed to help you be a better marketer, keep you legal and successful.
    10. We will celebrate local business success stories with those who offer insights, inspiration and their creativity, through Member Spotlights.  We are stronger together and there is no better convener than your Lodi Chamber of Commerce.  In fact we are living our Mission when we testify… The Lodi Chamber is a Catalyst for business growth, a Convener of leaders and influencers for positive change and always a Champion for our community.   

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