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ABCD Love Your Block

Welcome to ABCD Love Your Block

For those that are interested in contributing to this part of our city, the eastern side of Lodi, this workshop is for you! As a team built of citizens from all sides of Lodi, we don't believe in a west or east side, but ONE LODI.

Learn about Asset Based Community Development and how to become a community builder:

The ABCD: Love Your Block team, in partnership with The Lodi Chamber of Commerce and City Council, will be holding a workshop to engage Heritage District residents in starting and/or developing their own community improvement projects. Residents from all parts of Lodi are invited to join in supporting and jumping in to help with the projects that blossom from this workshop!

Join us and participate in this free training event to learn community leadership skills, how to build on our combined strengths, and how to bring community goals into action! Stay tuned for more information.

Lodi's ABCD: Love Your Block is a community program organized by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and City of Lodi. This program is targeted towards improving the Heritage District, in the eastern side of Lodi, by supporting citizen-driven community improvement projects. Modeled after similar programs successfully established in several other cities nationwide, ABCD: Love Your Block provides a unique opportunity for neighborhood groups to grow in leadership and help transform their own neighborhood.

ABCD Love Your Block
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