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Government Relations Committee

Welcome to the Government Relations Committee

At Lodi Chamber, our Government Relations Committee is committed to fostering productive relationships between local businesses and government entities. This dedicated team of professionals works diligently to address regulatory issues, advocate for pro-business policies, and promote economic development initiatives. Through collaborative efforts with elected officials and community leaders, the committee strives to ensure that the voice of Lodi's business community is heard in key decision-making processes. By joining this committee, members gain invaluable opportunities to shape policies, stay informed on legislative developments, and make a positive impact on the business environment in Lodi. Together, let's drive forward progress and prosperity for our city.

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Meeting Details

Meetings: 1st Friday of each month Noon in the Lodi Chamber Conference Room The Government Relations Committee has the role of business advocacy, as it applies to furthering business’s rights. The areas of greater focus for the GRC are: growth issues, economic development, and business advocacy. Each year they join more than fifty Chambers to stop job-killing legislation, and support measures that are business friendly. (Meetings: 1st Friday of every month, 12:00 noon, Chamber Conference Room) Contact us for more information.

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