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  • Message from the President & CEO

    First things first… Merry Christmas and the best of the holidays to all of you.  I hope you are with those you love and creating memories.  When you gather for the family picture, please wear your masks. Then no one needs to ever ask, “What year was this picture taken?”
    Some good news is…The PPP “Present” to our tax-paying selves has just been approved and you will find a link to find out a lot about it here and hopefully “What’s in it for you?”  Seriously, it is overdue and many of our small businesses are in great need as they are hanging by a thread.  If the lockdown continues into January, it will be a crime.  I am not tone dear, I lost a 35-year friend this week and another several weeks before. COVID-19 is a killer of those with co-morbidities, the elderly, and the careless.  In the past several weeks, I’ve signed-on to letters to the Governor, Senate & Assembly, interviewed resulting in articles in the Record & outlets for the Associated Press with questions associated to why the lockdown only applies to small businesses, and not the big chain store. To read the article, click here.
    Our prayer is that COVID goes away as soon as possible.  Our society is not meant to idle. School (in-person) needs to happen and so does work in all those businesses now closed.  They know how to open safely. That is why in the New Year the Chamber will be dedicating ourselves to Coming Back Strong in 2021.  We will do our best to fight for that goal, our members and the business community.

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