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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    It is unconscionable that PROP 15, in the latest polling, is ahead of the vote NO effort.  To be clear, this is one you vote NO on. I say that because the props are written very deceptively. From the very beginning, PROP 15 has been built upon untruths- it is the first major effort to do away with the 1978 Property Tax Law, known as Prop 13. This voter approved law has kept property tax increases from being the highest in the nation.  Greedy people in Sacramento want their spending-mitts on yet even more of our money.  It sounds good- money for schools, and cities- but they get a small piece of the pie which in total is somewhere between $11-$12 BILLION from the hardworking people.
    It is no secret all other taxes in California are some of the highest in the nation.  For businesses, add payroll tax, workers compensation, increasing regulations, escalating energy costs, minimum wage hikes.  Individuals who do not understand businesses must pass on a portion of escalating costs to we the people to stay in business need to take a basic economics class.  And if you were told farmers or businesses supporting farming will not be included in this property tax-hike, you have been misled. If farms are not subject to this tax, please tell me why every farming association in the state has come together with other business groups spending over one-hundred million to defeat it?
    All that to say, we consumers eventually will pay a great deal of that $11-12 Billion in new taxes.  I do not know about you, but I am mad about this.  Why you may ask?  Its not just taking money out of my household budget or money that would have gone to retirement savings.  But this proposition came to fruition in the midst of a pandemic while many small businesses were closed, and more are now hanging by a thread.

    VOTE NO on Prop 15… Please

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