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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    Just when we think we're getting Fall weather, Mother Nature changes the plans. Hoping that you all stay a little cooler this week as we trek on through October. But in other news, the California government is slow to make moves and reopen. The Governor is stubborn, when it comes to locking down businesses and taking away personal freedoms. Many edicts he issues are contrary to all logic and we the people are suffering because of it.  
    Suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, stress and anxiety are all escalating like never before seen. It is important working parents go back to work. There are protocols for staying safe at all kinds of workplaces.  Why for months was it ok to go to a casino but not a church?  Why could you walk on a beach but not stop to look at the ocean?  Why today can 25 people sit in a restaurant social distanced, but only 10 can go to a social distanced meeting or event? This week, we finally noticed some reprieve from the legislature. As of now, the Governor is changing the mandate to interactions of 3 family households. Just in time for the holidays, we suppose. 
    And why during this time, when so many people have lost their jobs, does the California Legislature want to raise taxes?  Has any legislator lost their mind?  With a misleading description written by the attorney general a new tax, a Split Roll tax on businesses will add to their operational costs which then will be passed on to the consumer, you and me.  
    PLEASE, whatever you do, Vote NO on Prop 15. For more information on the propositions, click here. 

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