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Grow Healthy in Lodi

Business and community health go hand-in-hand.

Healthy communities mean healthy economies. Healthy economies mean healthy communities. It’s that simple. But community health, like individual health, is dependent on much more than freedom from pain or disease.

Health, or the lack of, is the result of a myriad of elements often spanning the social, economic, political, physical, and environmental arenas all woven together. Practically all community issues have an impact on, or are impacted by the overall health of the whole community and are best approached as comprehensively as possible. Getting to healthy communities and economies takes commitment, and many thriving communities have successfully tackled health through fundamental and innovative collaboration. Lodi and its surrounding areas can do the same. It’s essential for our residents; it’s essential for our successful businesses. Poor health and the cost of poor health inhibit economic viability and job creation. And the reverse is true as well – the lack of a viable local economy can be devastating to community health. It is Grow In Lodi's aim to promote wellness and wellbeing to encourage our businesses AND members of our community to make a change for the better through nutrition, exercise, safety, and illness management.

Grow Healthy In Lodi's primary powerhouse is the Healthy Lodi Initiative. Born out of the Business & Community Health Vision Action Team in 2018, the Healthy Lodi Initiative has gained traction and now has its own website that includes resources for better lifestyle choices.

With resources like the Healthy Lodi Initiative readily available to businesses and families, we know we can Grow Healthy in LODI.

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