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Grow a Family in Lodi

Grow a Family in Lodi is an all-encompassing branch of the Grow In Lodi movement. Lodi has so much to offer families- from the World of Wonders Science Museum to top-notch education opportunities through Lodi Unified School District- that this prong had to be more than just a list of "things to do." Our Board sat down and thought "what would bring families here?" and "what amenities would companies want to see for their employees and families?" With those questions in mind, Grow a Family In Lodi pairs tourism and livability to continue the work already founded by Vision 2020's VATs.

As an economic generator for Lodi, tourism is vital. Tourism creates jobs and the desire to start new businesses catering to visitors. This also increases the Lodi citizens’ quality of life. Many Downtown merchants noted that they receive up to 60 percent of their revenue from tourists. Without the sales volume created by visitors, Lodi would not have shops such as Cheese Central, Dancing Fox, the House of Clocks or Wine & Roses Hotel Restaurant Spa. There are many more we could name who, like the above, add a great deal to our community’s allure. As citizens, we are blessed with tourist tax dollars, which come with little impact on city services. Tourism-oriented businesses create primary jobs that bring new dollars into our City in exchange for products made or services provided locally. That is why the Lodi Chamber of Commerce partners with Visit Lodi so closely, and will continue to do so under the arm of Grow In Lodi. Click here to learn more about Visit Lodi.

Those who live in Lodi for the most part view their community to be a cut above many other cities. We are blessed with the beautiful Mokelumne River that sets our northern boundary and the event-filled Lodi Lake to our northwest. Lodi has plenty of tree-lined streets and many safe neighborhoods. All of this is bathed in a Mediterranean climate, cooled most evenings by “the Delta breeze.” Who wouldn't want to live in a place this picturesque? In addition, Lodi is known for being affordable, family-friendly, and has multiple new housing developments scattered in our city limits. Lodi also embraces cultural diversity and is safe, friendly, and has a magnetic sense of community. Interested in all that Lodi has to offer as far as livability? Click here for an inside look at Lodi's culture and entertainment!

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