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Grow a Business in Lodi

Grow a Business in Lodi tackles two very important issues to Lodi as a community: Workforce Development and Economic Competitiveness. Without skilled and knowledgeable employees to funnel into jobs, our local economy will suffer tremendously. Conversely, without good-paying jobs, the skilled workforce will be forced to find employment elsewhere. From each vantage point, these two issues were fundamentally connected. The two goals of this new Vision Action Team (VAT) are to (1) Develop adequate, skilled workers in Lodi and (2) Bring more good-paying jobs to Lodi.

Part of that effort to market Lodi as a viable community for new businesses was to invest in a dedicated website for Grow in Lodi which showcases what our thriving community of Lodi has to offer. You will find success stories from local businesses like Waste Management, Cepheid, Lustre-Cal, and Miller's Hot Dogs, along with what separates Lodi from other Northern California cities.

This website and marketing plans were all funded by local companies who understood the Chamber's mission to bring businesses to Lodi. These companies are:

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