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Current Advocacy & Issues

Employers Must Provide Eligible Employees With Paid Sick Leave benefits On July 1

Beginning July 1, California employers will be required to begin providing paid sick leave benefits to their eligible employees. We often hear the question:  Do I need a written paid sick leave policy that I hand out to employees? With all the complexities of this new law, the answer is “yes.” A written policy allows you to specifically describe and …

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Overview of New 2015 Laws Affecting California Employers

California enacted many new laws that will affect the day-to-day operations, practices and policies of California businesses. Some of these new laws, make significant changes to California’s legal landscape. CalChamber has created a white paper, which can be found below, that identifies the noteworthy new laws. Overviewof2015Laws   Don’t forget to order your 2015 Human Resources Compliance Products! Click on …

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