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  • Tourism

  • As an economic generator for Lodi, tourism is vital. Tourism creates jobs and the desire to start new businesses catering to visitors. This also increases the Lodi citizens’ quality of life. Many down- town merchants noted that they receive up to 60 percent of their revenue from tourists. Without the sales volume created by visitors, Lodi would not have shops such as, Cheese Central, Dancing Fox, Knowlton Gallery, Randall’s Fine Clothing or Wine & Roses Hotel Restaurant Spa.

    There are many more we could name who, like the above, add a great deal to our community’s allure. As citizens, we are blessed with tourist tax dollars, which come with little impact on city services. Tourism-oriented businesses create primary jobs that bring new dollars into our City in exchange for products made or services provided locally.

    The Tourism Vision Action Team envisions through the unified efforts of a diverse community, visitors returning multiple times to experience our premium wines, farm to table cuisine, unique retail, and expanding cultural attractions and events all offered with a heartfelt sense of hospitality.

    The City of Lodi...the true shine on the vines!

    STRATEGY 1: Develop a comprehensive way-finding program for Lodi

    • Field a local tourism-minded Task Force to develop the way-finding sign program including creative art, locations & placement from freeway to attractions.
    • Enhance gateway entrances on major ingress points to Lodi.

    STRATEGY 2: Enhance the Visitor’s downtown experience

    • Encourage the economic viability of a Downtown Lodi Hotel with meeting space.
    • Hold educational workshops on property improvements showing how they are good investments, leading to the development of a Property Owners BID.
    • Work with the City to develop a “second story” program allowing for businesses Downtown to broaden property uses.
    • Develop a targeted list of business prospects from current Lodi business owners.
    • Drop Rail Lines: Develop a Rail Task Force that will bring Bay Area tourists to Downtown Lodi.
    • Plan for Downtown: Develop a comprehensive master plan for Downtown coordinating a mix of independent businesses and unique restaurants, and at least one other anchor attraction.
    • 2nd Parking garage & redefine parking district: Begin planning discussions for second multi-story parking garage downtown. Need to redefine current parking district (interim solution).

    STRATEGY 3: Develop coordinated Branding with all entities giving the same coordinated message to promote Lodi

    • Strategic Planning for Lodi: The Chamber, City of Lodi, Visit Lodi and LOCA will engage in Strategic Planning for a unified branding for Lodi.
    • Coordinated Use of Branding: Once branding is established, all entities promoting Lodi should use the same language and communicate the coordinated message.

    STRATEGY 4: Better utilization of existing facilities to host various events promoting Lodi

    • Analyze all facilities in the Lodi area to determine the types of events that are currently being held and the potential events that could be promoted at their facility as well as identifying gaps.
    • Marketing Outreach: Reach out to various organizations to determine their interest in hosting an event at these facilities.
    • Upgrade Parks as needed to be more competitive in attracting soccer, swim, baseball tournaments, and other competitive sporting events.
    • Wine/Ag Tourism Attraction: Explore development of Wine/Ag Tourism attraction as well as another Downtown anchor attraction.
    • Encourage City to add bike paths throughout Lodi and work with County to develop safe wine tourism bike paths. 


  • Want to make an impact in your community through Tourism? Contact us to let us know of your interest!