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  • Economic Competitiveness

  • In any visioning exercise, one begins with the end in mind, asking what do we want to be?
    In this case, the Economic Competitiveness Vision Action Team’s (ECVAT) vision says, “Lodi will attract investments, increasing our capacities and jobs resulting in improvement in our quality of life.”


    The ensuing strategies are all designed to achieve this vision. These strategies and actions will be measurable, thus showing improvement over time as the vision becomes a reality.

    STRATEGY 1: Clearly communicate the critical need for economic improvement to and for all citizens of Lodi

    • Research Lodi’s current statistics including Medium Household Income, Medium Value of Homes, Unemployment Figures, and other data to use as an educational tool.
    • Using the outcomes developed by all of the Vision 2020 Action Teams, monitor and track key measures determining improvement or deterioration of economic indicators.
    • Monitor annually, continuing to educate and develop other strategic plans for economic improvement if necessary. Support policies to encourage economic improvement before governments.

    STRATEGY 2: Begin an ongoing effort for targeted job creation through attraction of new-to-Lodi businesses

    • Develop a comprehensive list of desirable assets and deficiencies for Lodi as seen by prospective targeted businesses. Work on turning deficiencies into assets if possible.
    • Develop list of business owners as referral sources: Target marketing may be used to attract needed job skills if not available.
    • Identify funding sources and create funding for a business attraction marketing program with measurable deliverables.
    • Develop a targeted list of prospects from current Lodi business owners.

    STRATEGY 3: Help targeted existing businesses expand with a goal to create new jobs

    • Identify entrepreneurial start-up, small or medium sized businesses that desire to grow and create jobs.
    • Develop a broad team of business practitioners who are skilled and experienced in growing jobs in manufacturing environments.
    • Have the team act as Economic Gardeners in entrepreneurial small and mid-sized companies to grow businesses using their skills in finance, operations, manufacturing, engineering, technical, inventory control, marketing and sales, and human resources.
    • Promote and encourage Lodi businesses, residents, and City Government to Shop Local.

    STRATEGY 4: Streamline business start-up and expansion processes insuring a quick but thorough process

    • Research and develop a one-stop permitting process system for Lodi.
    • Create a “Harbor Pilot” program within City Hall that can help new or expanding businesses navigate through all the permitting steps and requirements needed for businesses to get to market.
    • Create awareness of intra-City competition for jobs in our region among City staff and citizens.
    • Develop a Concierge program for defined business areas in Lodi such as Downtown.


  • Want to make an impact in your community through Economic Competitiveness? Contact us to let us know of your interest!