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  • Business & Community Health

  • Business and community health go hand in hand.
    Healthy communities mean healthy economies. Healthy economies mean healthy communities. It’s that simple. But community health, like individual health, is dependent on much more than freedom from pain or disease.

    Health, or its lack, is the result of a myriad of elements – often spanning the social, economic, political, physical and environmental arenas – all woven together. Practically all community issues have an impact on, or are impacted by, the overall health of the whole community and are best approached as comprehensively as possible. Getting to healthy communities and economies takes commitment, and many thriving communities have successfully tackled health through fundamental and innovative collaboration. Lodi, and the surrounding areas, can do the same. It’s essential for our residents; it’s essential for our successful businesses. Poor health, and the cost of poor health inhibit economic viability and job creation. And the reverse is true as well – the lack of a viable local economy can be devastating to community health.

    Click here to learn more about the Healthy Lodi Initiative. 


    In 2020, we want the whole Lodi comm(Unity) to celebrate its good and improving health. Health empowered by good nutritional food choices, physical activity, and safety education is seen in positive measurable results. We want to see commUnity alliances among organizations, residents, businesses and education making Lodi a healthier, livable, family-friendly commUnity.


    • Include and develop as a tenet of Lodi Well the component of personal responsibility and provide supportive services (information, education, access to care providers, nutrition, mentors program and fitness opportunities. Over all, illustrate the downside of poor health and show how to get to the upside of good health).
    • Research and evaluate existing programs, assess, adjust or build on, fund (grants and Revenue Model), measure, monitor and report
    • Create Lodi Well alliance with potential partners, implement and initiate, Expand and modify based on opportunities and evolving need.


    • Include good nutrition as a tenet of Lodi Well (educate on the science and benefits of it, show how to get it, cook it, etc.)
    • Gather data and build the case for community nutrition program, assess, adjust and add to current programs, develop collaborative program, seek funding
    • Engender support for the program, promote it, encourage participants, and facilitate collaboration. Then monitor, report & adjust.


    • Include exercise as a tenet of the educational program (educate on the science and benefits of it and teach how to attain it).
    • Research, evaluate existing programs, adjust and add to, fund.
    • Create and explore partnerships to implement program.
    • Expand/modify based on opportunities.


    • Include safety as a tenet of the educational program (threats such as weapons, drugs, safe consumption of alcoholic beverages, bicycle safety/helmets, car seats, seat belts, speeding, elderly drivers, for example)
    • Research, evaluate existing programs, adjust, expand, fund, (grants and revenue model)
    • Expand/modify based on opportunities.


    • With increased walking and bike paths, parks, better lit streets, community gardens, etc.
    • Research, evaluate existing programs, adjust and expand
    • Develop funding, Implement, Expand/Adjust based on opportunities.


    • Evaluate potential gaps and address potential gaps with new or enhanced programs and services; and develop a resource guide/ap for all end users.
    • Research, assess existing programs, adjust and add to; fund it (grants and revenue model)
    • Implement, Expand/Adjust based on opportunities


    • Encourage and support completion of advanced medical directives, and facilitate better understanding of advanced directives as well as palliative-care programs, etc.
    • Research, evaluate existing programs, expand, fund (grants and revenue model), etc.
    • Implement, Expand/Adjust based on opportunities.


  • Want to make an impact in your community through Business & Community Health? Contact us to let us know of your interest!