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  • State Assembly Endorsement & Congressional Representative Endorsement

    State Assembly Endorsement & Congressional Representative Endorsement

    Over the course of the last week, the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce has interviewed candidates for local, county, state, and congressional elections. The goal of the candidate endorsement process is to question all candidates in selected races and choose the candidate who best reflects the business values and polices of the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce. The endorsement panel was comprised of local business owners, prominent company representatives, Chamber board members, and members of the Government Relation’s Committee who discussed and scored candidates accordingly. 

    The Lodi Chamber Endorsement Panel chose to support incumbent Assemblymember Jim Cooper for his final term in office. The working relationship between the Lodi Chamber and Assemblymember Cooper's office has been strong over the years, and the funding Cooper has brought back to Lodi for homelessness, Lodi Lake erosion, cyberwar attacks at the City, and more solidified his endorsement. He cares about our community and it is evident in his voting record and willingness to work with the business community on issues that are important to them. However, the panel was extremely impressed with his opponent Eric Rigard. It is the panel's hope that Eric runs in the next election cycle to take over the vacant seat at the expiration of Assemblymember Cooper's term. Mr. Rigard was vastly knowledgeable on issues pertaining to the district, including homelessness, water rights, tourism, agriculture and more. Both candidates were very well scored, with Assemblymember Cooper edging ahead due to the work he has done for our community, and we feel he has more to do in his last term in office. 

    Our interview panel also voted to endorse Tony Amador to replace Jerry McNerney as District 9 Congressional Representative for Lodi and San Joaquin County.  Mr. McNerney was not present to be interviewed again this election, therefore the panel used his voting record.  As his report card, his voting record was found to be very influenced by the radical left movement pushed by the Democratic party.  Because this movement is dangerous to the U.S. economy and business, personal safety and safety of business property, there was no contest. Tony’s time-tested conservative view of government has been a hallmark of his public life.  A now retired U.S. Marshall now, Mr. Amador is still involved in his Republican party locally in San Joaquin County and is well respected.  He is active in Lodi through various service clubs, seen as an expert on the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and won the endorsement wholeheartedly by the panel. 

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