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  • Safety & Cleanliness Pledge

    Safety & Cleanliness Pledge

    We asked our members and local businesses to take a pledge of safety & cleanliness during the pandemic. To show that their customers, employees, and community as a whole were priorities to them, these businesses have pledged to: 
    • Be compliant with state and local county health guidelines
    • Add increased cleaning and sanitation measures to their routines
    • Require and encourage all consumers to wear a mask for the duration they are inside your place of business
    • Restructure your business to allow for social distancing and spacing between customers

    If your company is interested in joining the ranks of businesses taking the pledge, click here.

    Below are the businesses who have signed up and are doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19:

    Levy, Daniel & McGee Wealth Management
    2111 W. Kettleman Ln., Ste C
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 263-0330

    Harmony Wynelands
    9291 E. Harney Ln.
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 369-4184

    Financial Center Credit Union
    200 S. School St.
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 368-3221

    Weibel Family Winery
    9 N. School St. 
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 365-9463

    Destination Drivers
    Lodi, CA
    (833) 868-7733

    Changing Faces Theatre Company
    720 W. Lodi Ave
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 747-8043

    Sayla Music Academy
    21 W. Locust St.
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 981-4303

    Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
    875 Fairmont Ave
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 334-3411

    Wine & Roses
    2505 W. Turner Rd.
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 334-6988

    Express Employment
    1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste A1
    Stockton, CA
    (209) 956-5668

    Waste Management 
    1333 E Turner Rd. 
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 369-8274

    The BOX Boxing Fitness
    651 N Cherokee Ln.
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 400-7129

    Burke Optometry
    441 S. Ham Ln. Ste B
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 224-5454

    Elevate Dance Company
    7147 Pacific Ave
    Stockton, CA
    (209) 425-2828

    BAC Community Bank
    1610 W. Kettleman Ln Ste C
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 367-9400

    Wine Social
    7 N. School St. 
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 224-5740

    The Make-Up & Skin Care Studio
    Aimee Pennington
    310 S. Crescent Ave
    Lodi, CA
    (209) 426-6444

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