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  • Recipe of the Week- Labor Day Edition

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    There are only TWO Lodi Certified Farmers Market Thursdays left in the 2019 season, and we're pretty sad about it here at the Chamber. Summer proves to be extremely busy with events, including the Farmers Market, but once the season begins to wind down, we're left with a longing for Spring to start again for the next market. And this week is going to be a GREAT time for everyone. Kick-start your Labor Day weekend with us and get your ingredients for our Recipe of the Week. Are you ready? 

    White. Wine. Peach. Sangria.

    Yes! You read that right. If anyone needs us, we'll be taste testing each variety of this recipe. Please note- this recipe is extremely flexible and can change based on your preferences. We encourage everyone to try their own flavors, add more fruit, or yes, more or less alcohol. As a good rule of thumb, 1/2 cup of hard liquor (brandy, rum, etc) per each 750 ml bottle of wine you use. 

    1 (750ml) bottle of chilled Pinot Grigio
    three white peaches
    handful of raspberries
    1 C rum (for this recipe, we recommend a white rum OR everyone's favorite Malibu)
    splash of orange juice
    sprigs of fresh mint
    16 oz lemon-lime soda/sparkling water (to make your sangria SPARKLING)

    Pit and thinly slice white peaches and set in the bottom of the glass pitcher. Add the bottle of wine, rum, orange just, and lemon-lime soda/sparkling water. Stir well and place in the refrigerator to cool for 2 - 4 hours before serving. An hour before serving, add the whole raspberries to the sangria (as berries tend to get mushy if submerged for too long). 

    Pour sangria into wine glasses and garnish with slices of fruit & mint sprigs. 

    If you are using this sangria in an outdoor location, we suggest FREEZING extra wine in ice cube trays or fruit to add to the mixture to keep cool during the day. 

    Cheers & Happy Labor Day, all! 

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