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  • Recipe of the Week

    Recipe of the Week

    The weatherman has given us a break from scorching triple digits and thankfully, tomorrow is only supposed to be a high of 95 (which means our morning market will be cool!). To celebrate, we are staring a fan favorite for Recipe of the Week- TOMATOES- and we know they are a favorite because they keep selling out week after week! Much to our vendors' delight, I might add. 

    But we're going to do this with a twist. Instead of bruschetta or caprese salad, we are going to make homemade sun-dried tomatoes! Without a dehydrator (unless you have one- then by all means, please use) and in the OVEN instead. And the recipe is really simple, and you only need a handful of ingredients. We look forward to snacking on these, adding them to salads, or having them top a beautiful pasta dish. Swing by the Lodi Certified Farmers Market at 267 N. Mills Ave. every Thursday to get your tomatoes!

    grape tomatoes (if you use Roma or bigger, be sure to core the inside out to reduce the amount of liquid)
    sea salt
    olive oil
    Italian seasoning (optional)

    Set your oven to 250 degrees. Half your grape tomatoes and place on a lightly sprayed roasting pan. Dash sea salt and any dried seasonings you'd like onto the tomatoes and place into the oven. Check your tomatoes at about 1 1/2 hours into the roasting process. If any of the grape tomatoes are still intact, lightly smash with your spatula and replace the pan into the oven for another hour or so. Total time should be less than 3 hours and watch closely at the end- you don't want to burn them!! Remove from the oven and serve OR you can store them in a tightly sealed jar full of olive oil and then refrigerate. 

    Simple recipe with an incredible amount of flavor! Give it a try and send any pictures to @_lodifarmersmarket on Instagram. 

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