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  • Proposition Positions

    Over the course of the last few months, the Government Relations Committee (GRC) have looked at the upcoming propositions on the November 2018 ballot. Here are the props that the committee voted to either support or be against. We urge everyone to go to their polls on Tuesday, November 6 to VOTE as it is your right! Your vote is your voice, and there are ballot measures this November that could change the course of business as we know it. 

    Prop 1: Housing Programs and Veterans' Loans Bond- NO, as this would come with a hefty $170 million bill to the taxpayers over the next few decades.
    Prop 2: Homelessness Prevention Housing Bond - NO, despite how admirable spending tax revenue on housing for the homeless population, it does not provide treatments for said individuals. 
    Prop 3: Water Infrastructure and Watershed Conservations Bond- YES, as it would allocate money to secure safe, reliable water during droughts and repair dams and fisheries. 
    Prop 4: GRC abstained from deciding
    Prop 5: Property Tax Transfer Initiative- NO, this bill would result in $1 million in revenue cuts for schools, police service, and more.
    Prop 6: Future Gas and Vehicle Taxes & 2017 Gas Tax Repeal- YES, repeal the 2017 gas tax! 
    Prop 7: GRC abstained from deciding 
    Prop 8: Dialysis Clinics' Revenue- NO, as many nurses, doctors, and the American Nurses Association of California states, this prop could dangerously reduce access to care, putting many patients who need dialysis at risk.
    Prop 9: OFF BALLOT
    Prop 10: Local Rent Control Initative- NO, it should not be up to cities and the state to dictate to homeowners (and landlords) what to charge tennants. 
    Prop 11: Ambulance Employees Paid On-Call Breaks- YES, first responders should be able to be reached at any point during their shifts to respond to live-saving calls.
    Prop 12: Farm Animal Confinement- NO, another regulation on farmers and would be extremely costly for them to adhere to the new standards Prop 12 proposes. 

    And to be mentioned, the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce supports local sales tax increase -Measure L- as these funds will stay in Lodi to address many issues the city is facing. To read the blog post on why our Board of Directors voted to support this local measure, click here.  

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