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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    It is finally here… Election Day!  I have never seen so many ads, so many Text Messages and emails… even more, lots more!  You may be thinking a candidate may have it in the bag so why vote?  After all we are all busy, too much to do.  If your staff is smaller and your workdays are longer your exhausted at days end.  Or you are helping your school age child on Zoom School, that has got to be draining.
    I can think of several good reasons why you need to vote, if you have not already.  Perhaps the most important is that Zoom Schooler’s future and that of your entire family.    This Presidential vote as I see it NOT between two strange personalities.  But THE course determinant for our country’s future.  Will we be steered into Socialism, where government provides healthcare, does away with charter and private schools, repeal of the 2nd amendment, do away with more misdemeanors easing up on crime punishment, eventually having only a national police force instead of our own.  
    Or do we continue with capitalism, which made us a wealthy nation and the freest society in the world. Freedom, if we lose it will be the greatest loss we could ever imagine.  If you think that cannot happen, think back what your eyes have seen played out on the city streets in are largest cities in the last few months.  It is about Freedom, which comes with the rule of law.  Socialism has never been successful anywhere in the world, why would we expect it to be different here?
    Lastly, please vote NO on Prop 15 and save yourself some money.  If it passes it will be the largest tax increase ever voted into law here in California.  And its timing could not be worse.  We are still knee deep in this pandemic and everyday dozens if not hundreds more businesses close every day!
    VOTE, Please VOTE.  Over two-hundred and forty-four years of our country’s history, many lives were lost to afford you the right to vote.  Freedom is not free.  

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