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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    This week, we were delighted to have the Summer 2020 Advocate in our inboxes from our publication partners. Usually, we get this edition out in early Summer, but with the challenges from COVID-19 and our publisher's printers being shut down, it delayed the dissemination of this magazine. Another change you'll notice is that this edition is purely digital. It's a heightened, searchable, and downloadable digital magazine- and also prevents passing any germs through copies in waiting rooms, etc.  It's visually stunning, it's detailed with links to all of our advertisers, and detailed articles on how to overcome these unforeseen times, as well as a member highlight on Dedicated Financial Services. Want to view this edition of The Advocate? Click here!

    September is creeping up on us, not so slowly. As a 3 C Chamber (a catalyst, convener, and champion), the staff at your Lodi Chamber are advocating for businesses at city, county, and state levels. Each election cycle, we assemble a group of local business owners and have an Endorsement Panel to interview potential candidates for Lodi Unified School Board, San Joaquin Delta School Board, Lodi City Council, San Joaquin County Supervisors, District Assemblyman, and Congressional Representative. We have yet to set dates, but if you are interested in sitting on the Endorsement Panel and interviewing these candidates to get an inside look on issues they are passionate about, please send me an email at PPatrick@LodiChamber.com. This is a great way to meet city, county, and state officials and get a grasp on candidates' viewpoints, and to help the Lodi Chamber decide on who to endorse in the upcoming election. 

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