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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    We're already in the second week of August, and while the past five months have been difficult to say the least across all industries, we've seen one industry take a huge hit in California: hair salons & barbershops. It was brought to my attention by staff that local salons have been writing letters to the Governor about the hardships they're facing, including the new "outdoor" mandates. I decided to get in contact with a few local salons- Chamber Members or not- to discuss ways we could support the #SaveOurSalons movement. 

    According to Mint Salon (located on Lodi Ave), during the 6 weeks they were open, their 13 stylists saw a combined 966 clients. Not a single client or stylist has tested positive to COVID-19. Similar reports are coming from other local salons as well: Hazel Haus in Galt with their 3 stylists saw 408 clients during the 6 week period and not a single client tested positive with COVID-19, and Luscious Salon in Downtown Lodi joined the movement with statistics on disinfectants and cleaning supplies that hairdressers use that will protect clients. The #SaveOurSalons movement has even landed numerous news spots during the past two weeks ago- and still nothing has changed from Governor Newsom's directives. The original 3-week closure passed July 13 is now a month strong with no real update from the Governor, despite the numerous press conferences and livestreams we tune into. 

    Hair salons and barbershops are open in 49 states, but California is the only state that deems hair salons and barbershops to be an issue health wise. And their solution of "outdoor" services, with LIMITED services, is a band-aid over a gaping wound. It's not feasible for most salons to offer an outdoor experience to clients, so most stay closed and waiting for a new edict from our state government. Now the question is, what can we do to help? Like with all other industries, you can contact the Governor's office or look up your local representative by clicking here to write in asking for support or a repeal of the order. You can also join the movement on social media with sharing your local salon or hairstylist and use the hashtag #SaveOurSalons. It is our goal to also have these conversations with local officials, at both a city and county level, to stop the loss of small businesses in our community. Safety for the community is a priority during these unmitigated times, but the data doesn't lie: hair salons and barbershops are not to blame for spikes in COVID-19. Why are they still shut down? Well, that's up to Governor Newsom and the team in Sacramento. #SaveOurSalons 

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