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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    The Board of Directors gave staff the Green Light to begin a dedicated marketing campaign for Lodi as a place in which to do business. Now is the time to move forward with GROW IN LODI. There is no better time to attract companies and families to enjoy Lodi’s lower operating costs, rent and housing costs, great small-town feel and values, all coupled with unique  abilities to grow successfully.  Why now, isn’t there a pandemic going on? Many people are experiencing struggles due to new “challenges” of living in California’s larger metropolitan areas.  Areas of our state, such as the Bay Area, are much more expensive in which to live and run a business. 
    An exodus to Northern Central California, where Lodi is the epicenter has begun, now is the time to market Lodi as a community filled with positive attractions for business and lifestyle.  Lodi leads in many ways, this is an example of the business community’s leadership, a time when new jobs can help the local economy immensely. WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Many of our leading businesses in Lodi today came at the invitation of a Lodi resident. We are asking you to make the initial contact with a Bay Area businessperson whom you know.  Maybe it is a friend, customer, supplier, companies you do business with, we would be honored if you would. 
    We have a template letter you could sign and email to your contact.  It simply invites them to view GrowInLodi.com.  We think you will agree it does a great job of showing our beauty, our people and opportunity.  Grow In Lodi is the future of the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce, and your email could begin a process of adding to our shared economy. You can bring prosperity to our community, and all it takes is an email, a "have you thought of Lodi?," a simple introduction. We are working for the betterment of Lodi, pandemic or no, and it will take all of us to reach our goal. 
    In the past few months, the Chamber staff, three hard working ladies, Elisa- Communications Director, Marina- Membership and Karen- Operations have pivoted from normal duties to devoting themselves to helping members and all Lodi businesses survive, all on limited hours.  Elisa has masterfully put together business saving information for local Lodi businesses.  Go to LodiChamber.com/Covid-19  to see the extensive compendium of information Elisa has put together, 43 major links leading to hundreds of others marketing guides for small business, a Re-Opening Toolkit with industry specific guidelines for businesses, a 7-Day Lifting Lodi challenge to get people active during the early shelter in place phases, led the charge with a Business Safety & Cleanliness Pledge. All the while, staff figured out a way to social distance a Lodi Farmers Market for to help local farmers and for Lodians to enjoy their bounty and specialty foods they favor. Until next week!

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