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  • Message from the President & CEO

    Message from the President & CEO

    This coming Thursday, the weatherman predicts low 90s temperatures which makes a perfect evening invitation to come to the Lodi Certified Farmers Market. In case you haven't been, you can expect a laid-back Lodi vibe that's relaxing, fun, and with the freshest produce to be found. We have fan favorite farmers and vendors from previous year's markets, and added really unique new vendors to give consumers a little more flavor. Have you tried the "boozy" ice cream yet? My family's (all over 21) favorite is the Bourbon Vanilla Bean. This vendor is not one to be missed, along with perennial favorite Hummus Heaven. Hummus Heaven has more flavors of hummus and spreads than we thought possible, and each one of them are delicious. You can find all of this- and more- this Thursday from 5PM - 8PM at 267 N. Mills Ave (the First Baptist Church and Millswood Middle School parking lot). 

    Over the weekend, we noticed multiple restaurants along School Street who've taken advantage of the City's creative solution to help them service more patrons. It looks like a lot of fun to dine outdoors (in what were parking spaces) along, in our opinion, the most beautiful street in the heart of Lodi. We see quite a few tents and outdoor dining solutions popping up all over town, and we must commend those restaurants for their ingenuity and resiliency to the Governor's dine-in lockdown. Put on your masks and support our local restaurants through this unprecedented time. And in the event you do not feel comfortable dining "out", there are other options that restaurants supply including gift cards, delivery and take-out services, and some even are on DoorDash. 

    We have been keeping a finger on the state's pulse and the plan to re-open restaurants and businesses. As soon as we are notified of changes to the Stay-at-Home edicts, guidelines and mandates for businesses, we will share that information with all of you. Until next week!

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