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  • Lifting Lodi Businesses

    As you may know, San Joaquin County has been approved to move further into Phase 2 of California's reopening roadmap. What does this mean? It means restaurants, retail, and offices can begin to open (as long as they comply with the state's guidelines for social distancing, cleaning, etc.). What isn't included? Unfortunately, gyms, salons, and any leisure travel or hospitality will not be allowed until Phase 3. But we are taking this step forward to heart and letting it fill us with hope.
    That being said, we HOPE you- our loyal Chamber Members- will embark on a journey with us. Operation Lifting Lodi's Businesses began this past weekend. If you follow us on social media, you would have seen a video from Jon Rader at State Farm explaining his business and how his office is preparing for clients during the COVID pandemic.. Our goal is to have videos from business owners- from restaurants to retail to service industries- and to post them on our social media channels with the #LiftingLodiBusinesses.
    If you are interested in participating in the #LiftingLodiBusinesses campaign, you can submit a video (must be less than 90 seconds long) to Director of Communications Elisa Bubak at EBubak@LodiChamber.com. The three talking points should be: 1. who you are and a description of your business, 2. how your office is working to keep customers or clients, as well as your employees, safe during COVID and 3. any discounts or offers you may have as you are opening for business. Please note the Chamber does have the right to refuse videos if there is anything inappropriate included in your video. And if you are in need of help to film a video, please contact us and we can schedule a time for Elisa or Marina to come to your work and assist you.

    It is our hope to shine a light on Lodi Businesses as they reopen their doors to the public. We understand there will be some trepidation from some of your consumers, so it is good PR to include your cleaning tips, whether there is a restroom to wash hands in, sanitizer available, etc. to assuage their fears or concerns. There will be others who are less concerned and just want to support local businesses so showcasing your products or mentioning any deals you may have would be an ideal way to get them in your store. We are in this together, Lodi. The light is at the end of the tunnel, and even if "normal" is not the new "normal", we will be happy to frequent businesses, restaurants, wineries, and open our doors again.

    Until next week!

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