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  • Adventist Health to start Healthy Lodi Farmers Market

    Adventist Health to start Healthy Lodi Farmers Market

    Adventist Health Lodi Memorial is bringing the Healthy Lodi Farmers Market to our community beginning this Thursday, September 12 from 2:30PM to 6:30PM at their west campus on the corner of Lower Sacramento and Vine (800 S. Lower Sacramento Road, Lodi). The Healthy Lodi Farmers Market will partner with approximately ten local farmers from the Lodi Certified Farmers Market to continue to sell their certified fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and olive oil in this produce driven, late-season Farmers Market.
    The Lodi District Chamber of Commerce was approached by Adventist Health Lodi Memorial for advice on how to run a smaller late-season Farmers Market- and because of the successful partnership the past two years on a broader project called “Healthy Lodi Initiative”, this venture was easily agreed upon. The Healthy Lodi Initiative’s goal is to better the health of our community by making healthy food choices available everywhere, and thereby reducing chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, strokes and heart attacks. The Lodi District Chamber of Commerce believes this produce driven Healthy Lodi Farmers Market at Adventist Health will make strides towards this goal.
    Pat Patrick, President and CEO of the Lodi Chamber said, “I am happy to have worked out this partnership with Adventist Health Lodi Memorial. Some of our vendors from the Lodi Certified Farmers Market are still looking to sell great quality produce from this year’s long growing season. The Healthy Lodi Farmers Market will give them an avenue to do so.”  
    “The location will provide excellent visibility for the farmers, and our 1,400 employees are excited to be a big part of offering the healthy choices and freshest produce to the community,” says Tami Weese, Nutrition Director for the Hospital.  Adventist Health Lodi Memorial is hoping to continue the Healthy Lodi Farmers Market through the beginning of November, dependent upon crops, weather, and demand. A decision on a winter market has not been made at this time.
    For more information on the Healthy Lodi Farmers Market, contact Tami Weese at weeseta@ah.org or Pat Patrick at ppatrick@lodichamber.com

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